You are very welcome and invited to share! Personally, I love to share about life and its essential questions, about feelings and thoughts. When I started to write blogs I wanted to reach a larger public than only a Dutch audience, so I translated my blogs into English. I hope you enjoy reading them and leave a comment if you like.

One more thing before I die
About being real
May 2015

Speech is silver, crying is golden
About coping with sorrow
May 2015

A grandiose gift
About feeling
June 2015

I’ll carry you…
About helping
August 2015

I can’t sleep
About letting go
September 2015

A million for a man
About your neighbour
October 2015

Plasters and patches
About pain
November 2015

The question of all questions
About meaning
December 2015

Being big by being small
About children
April 2016

The complete world
About healing
May 2016

I love me
About love
April 2016


“By being yourself you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before.”

Edwin Elliot