The complete world

Please tell me that somewhere on this world a calm and peaceful place exists. Because sometimes I doubt that. The whole world seems to be on fire and a healthy society almost is a utopian ideal. Large groups of people suffer from violence and poverty, are hungry or on the run. Through all kinds of media horrendous images enter our minds. We often don’t know how to deal with it (anymore). In addition, fear more and more becomes a serious opponent. An opponent that quite easily nestles in the heart. We know that it is a poor counsellor, but we increasingly seem to base our actions on it anyway.

Most of the time we actively search for information that comes to us. We watch the news on tv, read articles in newspapers or online and discuss global issues on social media. We almost are addicted to external stimuli. We appear to be non-living if we don’t absorb information.


Most of us have experienced uneasy silences, which are not really comfortable. But be honest: what was your latest moment of easy silence? And is that something that we’re still looking for every now and then? Are we still actively looking for moments of inner peace in our hectic lives?

Those who have tried that already know it’s not easy to experience silence. Obtaining inner silence requires practice and patience. It requires the ability to feel and learn to control your own – nearly unstoppable – realm of thought. And then you finally just can ‘be’ for a while…

The form of that ‘being’ is a personal choice. Some of the current concepts are meditation, yoga and mindfulness. These have in common the search of human beings for inner peace to deal with life. The search for sustainable happiness.


It’s really hard to find that inner peace if new actions appear on your list every single day. And a successful day with completion of a lot of tasks can feel pretty good and temporarily provide a sense of tranquility. But before you know it – in many cases the next day already – new priorities take over control again. Tasks and responsibilities seem to manage our lives. Living has become synonymous to being active and achieving results. The world keeps turning and we turn along with it. The show must go on…

We often just go on and on until something that we cannot control takes over and confronts us. Something simple like the flu says that we crossed a line, that we have been ignoring the signals of our own body and mind. I myself often chose to just go on until it really wasn’t possible anymore. Sometimes I still do, but much lesser – and fully aware. I can feel it when I’m about to cross my own borders and yet think that I am capable of finding extra energy from some kind of secret stash anyway. Nevertheless, at a certain moment my body switches to standby mode. The trick is to not let it get to that point.


What on earth are we doing? Time flies and life passes us by. While typing this sentence the thought occurs to me that theoretically I’m about half way already… What’s my goal in life? What is the meaning of life? Are we actually living the way we want to or do we conclude on our deathbed that we would have wanted to choose a different approach?

Almost all of us are trapped in a certain pattern. And if anything can be called difficult it is breaking through patterns. We often continue along the road purely out of habit, as if we’re using the autopilot. But what if we would take the wheel ourselves again? What if old certainties disappear en you suddenly have to determine a new course? What if we wouldn’t be afraid of new possibilities anymore? A pattern can only be changed by a breakthrough. Rather, if you break through it yourself.


I’d love to help extinguishing the world fires, but solving all global problems is impossible for me. Is it possible for me to do anything at all then? Well, of course: in my personal living environment! But how could I help anyone being happy if I’m not happy myself? How could I help anyone finding peace when I’m troubled myself? You can’t give what you don’t have. First and foremost I have to get started with my own development. Or at least as a parallel process. A major inner clean-up, dealing with my own burdens and sorrow.


It takes courage to look inside yourself and take action. But if you don’t break through your old patterns, it’s conceivable they remain the same. Maybe forever. Thus, you hold the key yourself: listen to yourself, to your intuition, to your soul. Whatever you call it, listen to it. But be silent, because your inner voice does not scream, it whispers gently.

I made a list once containing all my physical complaints. It was a large list I can assure you. I’m glad that I can also assure you this list becomes shorter and shorter. Pain and discomfort often have healed sustainably or changed substantially. I’m proud of my breakthroughs and enjoy the undeniable results.

Everyone may reflect themselves. Let go of what no longer serves you and enter your heart without fear. There you can find inner peace and also a wondrous power. Let them shine bright like a diamond. Complete the world, starting with your own completion.


I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

– Michael Jackson –

(video clip here)

And for some readers:
Yes, of course ‘Heal the world’ of the same artist also crossed my mind ;-)


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