One more thing before I die

Don’t be scared, I’m not going to die. Well, obviously at some point I will, but not at this moment. By the way, this headline is not meant to draw your attention in a cheap way; I mean this very seriously. Actually my idea is that it would be wonderful if people would share their special experiences and important lessons in life. Preferably in time, so before they die. Since only then we could really benefit and we would be able to learn from each other.

Learn to live

I would like to start sharing (and I hope many others will join). My father was a teacher and his father – I never knew him – was a principal. Apparently I have something in my blood or genes that also wants to teach, learn, share and tell. Not about reading, writing or mathematics, but about living!

To share is to multiply

I certainly do not have a monopoly of wisdom, but anyone – therefore me too – is unique and can share personal experiences, life lessons and talents. By that I mean significant things; life changing experiences or heart touching events.

Dive in deep waters

My personal experience is that many of us are hesitant to do so and rather stick to trivial conversations. We often are uncomfortable or a bit frightened if chatting turns into a deep conversation, yet exactly those kind of conversations could be the most valuable ones. Opening up the heart for others is all it takes. Dare to be vulnerable, even if you have to overcome a sense of shame. I know, that is easier said than done.

Let ‘them’ talk

That also applies to me. For example, writing this first blog makes me feel rather insecure, afraid even. All my negative thoughts easily could have resulted in never publishing it. Because what will ‘they’ think? How will ‘they’ talk about it if I’m not around? At best they will think I’m a dreamer. Or worse, a sissy or a softy. A vague, odd human being, completely out of reality.

Be who you are

Others can think whatever they want. I know that I am firmly grounded, maybe even firmer than ever before. Increasingly balanced. Meanwhile I have learned that it’s not important at all what others think of me. I once read a card that said ‘Be who you are, that is all’. I followed that advice and now I dare to be who I am more and more. With an open heart, free from walls. I don’t have to be who others think I am or should be. I don’t have to be concerned about my image, I can focus on my identity instead. The most admired people on the planet are often the most authentic ones. My goal is not to be admired, but it sure is my goal to be authentic. Real, genuine and sincere. Balanced emotionally as well as rationally.

Share your opinion and ideas!

This blog might be a bit too long according to the official blog regulations and a still didn’t share a special personal experience or life lesson, even though that was my intention. Or did I?

I’d very much appreciate it if you leave a comment. Preferably before I die. On one condition: it has to be real, genuine and sincere.



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